Karen's Zone Manager

Karen's Zone Manager 1.4

Karen’s Zone Manager can be used to switch between different time zones

Karen’s Zone Manager is a program that can be used to set direct accesses to different time zones on your system. This tool will be of great help for the people who travel a lot and find it difficult to match up with the changing time zones. The clock time on your PC will be changed automatically according to the selected time zones. You can create new time zones, activate and edit them and easily switch over between different times zones. Further more, Karen´s Zone Manager provides many Windows built-in time zones, and you can select any of your choice. Karen’s Time Zone can also be used to create your own new custom time zones. To create new custom time zones, you have to enter zone name, description, bias, offset, day light saving time option (optional), and then click on save zone button. That’s it, your new time zone will be added to "My custom time zone" list. This tool also enables the user to disable any built-in time zone if it is not required. The program is free to use for all domestic users and supports all Windows operating systems.

Venugopal Naidu
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